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Defence School, Romania’s first centre specialized in military sports and self-defence, opened its doors in Timisoara and awaits you all at its location inside the Military Airport (Traian Vuia International Airport).

The centre provides training for security companies’ personnel, police officers and military men, as well as civilian training courses on self-defence for those of you who want to avoid becoming a victim, take up a new sport or simply try something different...

Curs ASALT - civilians

ASALT - Defence School Timisoara

Professional instructors teach you efficient tactics of street survival, no matter your age, sex or physical condition.


ASALT Security Comp.

ASALT Firme Paza si Protectie - Defence School Timisoara

Professional training for security guard companies’ personnel, tailored to the services your company offers.

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Airsoft CQB

Airsoft - Defence School Timisoara

One of the most intense and interesting activities: airsoft. Discover how it feels to be an elite trooper for a day!

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Defence School Timisoara organized a second Self-Defence Workshop, March 21 – 22, 2009, in collaboration with Security Culture Promotion Centre ( and International Kobudo Federation. The workshop was facilitated by O-Sensei Günter Painter (6. Dan Kobukai Kobudo, 5. Dan Jujutsu), and consisted of two civilian sessions, which took place Saturday, and a session focused on military training, held Sunday.

The workshop covered Jujitsu and Kobudo techniques – tactical self-defence training against the most common street attacks, consisting of hand-to-hand, single stick and knife defence techniques. A special session was dedicated Sunday to tonfa techniques.

All the attendees were pleased with the tactics shown and with the teaching methods and already announced their participation in the next workshop that is to be held by Master Günter Painter in Timisoara, on the 4th weekend of November.

Until then, Defence School Timisoara will continue promoting the Self-Defence Movement through its courses and internal and international workshops. We await you all to learn together the true self-defence!

A.S.G. (AIRSOFTGAMES) is the umbrella term for a team game that simulates military combat and that has a high level of realism and martialism. Although born in the faraway Japan, the phenomenon extended rapidly on the globe and became one of the world’s best loved military related games.

In many countries, airsoft is recognized as a sport and organized as such (there are federations, referees, clubs, tours with prizes etc.)

Airsoftul is a game intended for those who love sports, military strategy, video games, arms, for adrenalin seekers, for policemen, military men, security guards etc. It is also an excellent TEAM BUILDING tool for multinational companies and not only.

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Lethal (deadly) violence is not what most people associate with the words “fight” or “martial arts”. It has nothing in common with pride or duelling. These are conscious. Survival is primordial. When your life’s in danger, there’s no time for perplexity, hesitation or favourite techniques.

Our unconscious immediately activates the instinct of self-preservation. And we have only one choice: to fight or to flee!

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